«Nut Cheese» Cheese with walnuts

Clever combination of intense cheese flavor with delicious astringency of walnuts awakens you for culinary experiments.

Impress your guests with your bold fantasy. For instance, take KOMO Nut Cheese, add fruit, honey… Voilà! The inimitable canapés are ready!

KOMO Nut Cheese will be a highlight on your cheese plate, ideally suited for coffee and red wine.

Prepack brick,<br>flow pack
150 г
Prepack brick,
flow pack
Prepack brick,<br>flow pack
185 г
Prepack brick,
flow pack
Weight brick
3,0–3,5 кг
Weight brick

nutritional value

per 100 g of cheese

27,2 g
28,5 g
0 g
Energy value
1527 kj
(calorie content)
(365 kcal)