«Old Dutch» Long maturing cheese, 2 months

If you’d like to taste an exquisite Holland cheese, try KOMO Old Dutch.

This cheese will surely captivate the most demanding cheese gourmets, because it embodies the best flavor nuances of Holland cheeses.

Try KOMO Old Dutch with hot desserts, warm salads and fish dishes. Besides, it tastes amazing with tea and coffee.

Sliced,<br>firm tray
150 г
firm tray
Prepack brick,<br>flow pack
150 г
Prepack brick,
flow pack
Weight brick
3,0–3,2 кг
Weight brick

nutritional value

per 100 g of cheese

25,3 g
26,1 g
0 g
Energy value
1397 kj
(calorie content)
(334 kcal)